Dave Sorrell: A Lifetime of Running

9 01 2015


When did you start running?

I started serious running in 1971, when I was 14. At the start of 9th grade I went out for football, but at 4′ 10″, I quickly figured out I was too small.  On day 3 of school I went out for cross country and never looked back.  It was what I was meant to do.  I went on to run CC and track throughout H.S. and college and have been running ever since.

 Favorite race to date?

I think my love of trail running biases me to really liking the Sylamore Trail race over in Arkansas. The Anchorage marathon was pretty cool too, though.  How can you not like a marathon where you ran a 3:15 at 50 years old?

 Prettiest run?

I’ve had the pleasure of running in a lot of places, in a lot of seasons and in a lot of varying conditions.  But one run stands out in my mind.  A few years ago we got ice and snow during the day on a Thursday here in Memphis.  Thursday is one of the regular run nights at Fleet Feet.  There wound up being four of us to show up for the run in spite of the ice and snow (Paul, Jay, Terry, and me).  We went to the Greenline and it was SO pretty.  The trail was a little icy but the trees and bushes were all snow caked and made for an angelic archway along the path.  It was really pretty.  Running it with friends made it even better.

 Are you training for anything?

I’m currently training for  the 50K at Sylamore.  But I’m in the midst of the MRTC Winter CC series, too.

What keeps you motivated?

A couple of things.  I like always being in “running shape,” here you know that you can just go run about any distance with anyone and not think twice about, “Can I do that?”  Also, I find that I really like running with friends – trail or road.  If someone I know is running, I’m aching to join them, whether I actually do or not.

Best advice for a new runner

Have fun with your running.  Run places that will help you enjoy it and run with friends that will make being out there enjoyable as well.

 Must-have running gear

Year round I really like Smartwool socks.  They do a great job at wicking either sweat or water.  In the winter, my long sleeve Craft underlayer and my Mountain Hardware gloves work great for me.

 Do you prefer running in groups or alone?

Without a doubt I prefer running in a group.  The commraderie and accountability are worth every mile it takes to drive somewhere to meet up with a friend or friends for a run.  It reminds me of being on a team back in H.S. or college.  There are cold or rainy days or nights that would not find me running if not for the group I meet up with.

 Any last thoughts on running?

One of the best things about being a runner is getting to explore.  Wherever I’ve been or yet to go; the U.S., Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Australia, anywhere – all I need is some running gear, and I can explore places that most others never get to.  Some places you end up you wonder if you should be there, but the reward can be phenomenal.

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