Perfect Pacer: Sarah Bowen

10 02 2015
When did you start running?
I started running just to run in early 2008.
What was your motivation to start?
My main motivation to start running was to lose weight.  I joined a 6 month weight loss challenge at USMC Fitness Boot Camp that was very focused on diet, weight training and running.  With help and support from friends at Boot Camp, I started running longer intervals, then longer distances.  I even ran my first half marathon that year.
How did you get connected with the Fleet Feet training program?
A friend and running buddy told me she was volunteering as a pacer for the Fleet Feet training programs and seemed to really be enjoying it.  I asked if they needed more help, even if I wasn’t able to go very fast, and I’ve been helping since.
What do you like about being a pacer?
I enjoy seeing the trainees achieve and often exceed their goals.  I also love to help them realize they can do more than they think they can.
What is your favorite race that you have done?
I’ve done several races at Disney World and absolutely love them!  The on course support and volunteers are completely amazing.  Seeing the Disney characters on the side of the race course and running through the all of the parks is awesome, too.  Plus, running a race at Disney World means vacation at Disney World, which is always fun!
Are you training for anything?
Currently, I’m personally training for the Little Rock Half Marathon and helping with the Fleet Feet Spring Half Marathon training group for the Jonesboro Half.
What race is on your bucket list?
That’s a tough question!  I’d love to run somewhere out of the country some day.  I read an article once about running a half marathon or a marathon that included running a portion of the Great Wall of China.  I think that would be extremely challenging but absolutely incredible!
Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what’s your jam?
When I run by myself, I usually listen to audio books instead of music.  I tend to tune out music, but if I tune out an audio book, I miss part of the story and have no idea what’s going on.  Listening to an audio book gives me something, other than how hard I’m breathing or how long I’ve been running, to focus on.
What are your running gear must haves?
My Garmin 910xt, gum, chapstick, running capris with a zip pocket, and my running shoes (with the recent addition of PT approved insoles).
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