Running Through Life: Jill Amos

12 05 2015

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Jill Amos is a great help to our Fleet Feet Training Programs! Running since the age of 9, she has some great running goals ahead and has been a tremendous help to our training program participants.

– When and why did you start running/walking?

I started running at the age of 9 for an AAU team in Albuquerque and essentially ran competitively throughout my childhood and teenage years.  I discontinued running consistently for several years, but picked it back up about 6 years ago in order to get in shape and recapture that important aspect of my life.

– How did you feel after your first race?

I remember when I ran my first mile without stopping.  I was in 4th grade and really proud of myself.  Can’t recall my first race, but can say that I was mighty relieved when I finished the last race in the 2014 Winter Off Road Series!

– What keeps you motivated?

Seeing the health and weight management benefits is motivating, but developing running-buddy friendships through Fleet Feet’s training groups, led by Marcia Scott, has allowed me to recapture some of that “team” feeling that I love and have missed.

– What’s on your bucket list as far as races?

Would like to run a half marathon out of state at some point.  Just not sure which to pick since there are so many good ones out there.

– Are you training for anything?

I am currently training for the M-town series and the NM10.

– Do you prefer running alone or with a group?

A mix of running alone and with others is best for me –  keeps running from getting routine.

– What are some of your must-have running items?

I have to have a good hat and sun glasses on.

– What’s your next running/walking goal?

My next goal is to complete the MRTC Road Race Series, and I’m debating going for the Road Warrior.  Hard to say “no” to a challenge!

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