Farewell to an Awesome Pacer: Katie L

4 06 2015
seattle rnr
– When did you start running and why?
Throughout high school and college I would force myself to go run a few miles because I knew it was good exercise but I never enjoyed it. Then one day about four years ago I went for a run on the Wolf River Greenway and surprised myself by running 5 miles! Shortly after that I met Adrianne and she told me about the Fleet Feet training groups. I signed up for the Greenline half marathon training program, and the rest is history!
– What’s your motivation?
I love that feeling during a long run when you’re just in the moment and lose track of time! I always find it amazing when my body can run for several hours, remembering those experiences help motivate me to train for races.
– Do you prefer running in a group or alone?
Definitely a group! When I first started group running it was more difficult than running alone because everyone would talk and it was hard for me to keep a conversation going. Now I can’t imagine ever being able to run more than 2 or 3 miles alone–group runs are my savior! It makes the time go by faster and is much more enjoyable.
What’s your bucket list race?
No specific race but I love traveling to new cities for races. My bucket list would be racing in each state!
– What’s your favorite race to date?
Memphis St. Jude! I’ve ran it twice and hands down it is better than any other half marathon I’ve run. Crowd support is amazing, the music is great, and who doesn’t love running all over downtown Memphis?
What’s your go-to running gear?
My Garmin watch! Good socks and my visor.
What’s your best advice for a new runner?
You can do it! I remember how overwhelming the idea of running a half marathon was when I first started training. Following a good training plan makes it so easy by adding a little more distance every time. And don’t compare yourself to other runners– your goals are all your own!
– Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what’s your favorite song?
Now that I mostly run in a group I often skip the music. If I do listen to something it’s just in one ear and the volume is turned down so I can just hear the beat– I definitely need a good beat. “Pop and Hip Hop Power” Pandora station is my go to.
Thanks for everything you’ve done for our training programs, Katie, and happy trails in Portland!



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