Runner Spotlight: Christian Lemon

5 08 2015


– When did you start running? I’ve always ran some, but never anything really focused until after college. My father was a runner, so he would drag me along when I was in junior high and high school to get in shape for soccer. I hated it.

 – What keeps you motivated? A lot of my motivations are somewhat fleeting depending on where I am at that moment in my life. However, one thing that constantly motivates me is my belief that a healthy body is a gift from God. I’ve been blessed with good health to this point in my life. I feel guilty wasting that gift. So, I like running, yoga, and generally being active. Plus, I’m kind of ADD, so after sitting at a desk most of the day, I’m usually ready to break a sweat.  

 – What’s your biggest running accomplishment? Running 36:30 for a 10k. The course was true (I checked it about 8 times!)

– Are you currently training for something? What’s your goal? Honestly, right now I am not training for anything specific. There are a few marathons in late fall that I’ve got my eye on. Also, I’m thinking about doing a trail ultra. I’ve never gone further than a marathon. However, nothing confirmed.

– What’s on your race bucket list? I would love to do a trail race in Colorado someday. The NYC Marathon is also up there.

– Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what kind of music? Yes, the mix is really anything and everything from Classic Rock, Hip Hop, alternative. However, my biggest guilty running pleasure is definitely Katy Perry.

– Do you prefer running in a group or solo? Both. Running is an individual sport, so I love running by myself, especially on the trails. It really gives me a chance to re-center, collect my thoughts, and just be free for a bit. However, the camaraderie of group running is like nothing else. Running with others keeps you honest. There have been many a Thursday Track workout or Saturday morning long run, that had I done by myself, would not have been completed. I’ve become such a better runner since I began consistently with a group. I love getting to share in other’s successes. 

– What does your current training plan look like? Right now, I’m just trying to get through the summer running around 40 miles a week. Should I target a race in late fall, I want to have at least a small base from which to begin training. I also like to keep at least a little running fitness; however, the Memphis humidity can wear on me, so I usually tailor down the training a bit in the summer and pick it back up after Labor Day.

– What’s your favorite post-race meal or treat? Beer if it is hot outside, Coffee if it is cold outside. On the very rare, occasion, a maple-bacon donut from Gibson’s.

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