Success Story: Kim Permenter

9 09 2015

kim after race

When did you start running/walking?

In November of 2013 I started walking. I was 265lbs and made a decision to change my life. I just recently in the last 6 months started running, though. My number 1 motivation is my son. I do not want him to fall into the same unhealthy lifestyle I fell into and struggle his entire life. I also want him to understand that he can accomplish anything he wants in life– all it takes is determination and the mind set that he IS going to accomplish his goals. My second motivation is myself. I have never taken care of myself or put my health/self first in my life. Since I have put exercising, running and eating healthy first in my life everything else seems to fall into place, I can handle stress better, and am accomplishing career goals as well.

What is your greatest running/walking success?

My greatest success is running a real race, finishing it and having a decent time. Like I said 2 years ago I was inactive and 265lbs. Now I am running races! I would have never thought I would be where I am now!

What’s on your race bucket list?

The next thing on my bucket list is to do a half marathon! Scared but excited!

Do you prefer running in a group or by yourself?

I enjoy both running with groups and alone. When I am running alone I have my music and all I can think about is that particular run. How far can I go today? What is my pace? I think I am dying! Oh wait, that was just the first mile! Ha! This time is me time, I don’t think about work or home or anything else that is going on. This is my time to clear my thoughts and re-energize for the next day’s stresses.

What’s your advice for someone getting started?

My best advice for anyone starting to run is it’s all in your mind. You can do so much more than what you think you can. Do not sell yourself short! Also have a good support system in place–my husband and son have been a great support system. I appreciate both of them so much! The were there all the way cheering me on!

Anything else you want to share about your running journey?

I also want to say that from the time I stepped into Fleet Feet I felt welcomed. Marcia had an excellent training program that pushed me to get to where I am! She made it fun and coached us along when we were struggling. I would recommend that training program to anyone starting out! I learned so much that I didn’t even know I needed to know about running! I also had my first fitting for shoes at Fleet Feet, bought the ones recommended and they have been awesome. Customer service all the way around at Fleet Feet is amazing!

Congratulations on your 5K, Kim, and good luck training for your half marathon!



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