Runner Spotlight: Meet Margaret

2 12 2015

Margaret is a recent-ish transplant to Memphis and has become a familiar face around the shop. She has some big running goals she’s working toward and also writes a blog called Young and Rungry (Disclaimer: Do not look at her recipes while hungry.). Keep reading below to learn more about her.


When did you start running?

My parents put me into cross country in kindergarten to help blow off some of my excess energy and to buy them some time before picking me up after school. I kept on through 8th grade, but took a break to focus more on volleyball my freshman and sophomore year of high school. By the end of sophomore year, I realized the only thing I still enjoyed about volleyball was the mile or two we “had” to run before practice so I switched back to cross country and track and haven’t slowed down since.

What keeps you motivated?

I have a lot of pretty lofty running goals that stem from wanting to find out what I’m capable of as a runner. I didn’t compete in college so I want to show people that you can still accomplish a lot as a recreational runner.

What’s your greatest running accomplishment?

Probably winning first overall female at the Cooper Young 4-miler this year considering that I barely placed in my age group in 2014.

Favorite distance?

Either the full or half marathon, but definitely longer distances. We’ll see how I feel after St. Jude!

Next running goal?

I’m hoping to PR in the marathon this month, break 1:30 in the half next spring, and break a 19 minute 5k and a 5:30 mile one of these days.

Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what’s your jam?

I don’t run with music, but when I did in college people would make fun of me for listening to everything but pump up music. I would be on the trails listening to things like The Avett Brothers or Simon and Garfunkel, but running is relaxing to me I don’t need a strong beat to move me forward.

Advice for new runners:

My biggest advice to new runners is to do it socially. Some of my best relationships have been formed through deep running convo’s where you pour your heart out before even knowing the person’s last name. Advice to myself and other seasoned runners is to have fun and keep it social. I have to remind myself not to take it too seriously all the time!

Thanks for sharing, Margaret and good luck at St. Jude this weekend!



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