Running the St. Jude Memphis Marathon? Don’t wait until the last minute to replace your shoes…

10 10 2017

So much thought, effort, and training goes into marathon training… early morning long runs, what to fuel with, what to eat for your pre-race meal, etc…  You don’t want your shoes to be any different!  Obviously you don’t want to run a marathon in worn out shoes, but you also don’t want to run in brand new shoes either!

If you wait until the last minute to buy your running shoes, you could have several issues.  One, you run the risk not being able to get the shoes you want and need.  We can typically place an order for shoes that we don’t have in stock and get them for you quickly, but if you wait until the week of the marathon, you might be out of luck.  Two, running in brand new shoes is not as bad for your feet as running in old shoes, but you want to get some quality runs on your shoes before the big day… we recommend 50-100 miles, depending on your training volume.  This is to ensure the shoe is compatible with the runners foot and that you’re going to be comfortable going the distance in those kicks on your feet!

The ideal time frame is before the 2nd to last long run.  If you wait until the last long run, you don’t have another run to adjust or try a new pair of shoes if there was a problem. Once your new shoes reach the sweet spot of 50-100 miles, put them back in the box and save them to get you across the finish line 26.2 miles down the road on race day!

All this being said, while we will be glad to help you the first week of December, your feet will thank you if you come see us shortly after Halloween to get those marathon shoes!


Dressing for Cold Weather Runs

19 12 2016

img_5697It has been said that there is no bad weather, just bad gear. Some would probably disagree on the bad weather bit, but with the right gear it really is possible to dress for a run even on the coldest of winter days. How you dress for cold weather can definitely make or break your run. What does it require to become a winter warrior and be prepared for any weather Mother Nature throws at you? It just takes a little planning ahead… and the right gear, of course.

The first rule of thumb, when it comes to running outdoors, is to dress for temperatures 10 – 20° warmer than it actually is.  You should be slightly cool when you start.  Once you begin running, your body will warm up and wearing too many clothes will leave you sweaty and uncomfortable.

Layers are the magic of winter running. Not only is heat trapped between the layers, keeping you warmer, but wearing thin layers gives you the ability to shed a layer if you do get too warm. On your feet, two pairs of thin synthetic or wool socks will keep your feet warmer and drier than one pair of thick socks.  Upper base layers, such as those made by Craft, go a long way keeping you comfortable in the cold.  An outer shell or windbreaker is imperative to protect you from the wind and elements – it will help release moisture from the body while keeping the rain / wind / snow out!

Covering as much exposed skin as possible is also important.  Do not leave for a winter run without a hat and gloves!  Gear has come such a long way in a short time – women can even find hats to cover their head and ears, but with a very helpful hole for their ponytail! How cool is that?  The rule of layering works with gloves too.  On the coldest of days, a liner glove under a mitten will keep your fingers toasty warm.  Vaseline will help protect the areas of skin that might still be exposed.

Safety is always something to consider, no matter what season you are running in.  With the shorter hours of daylight in the winter, many runners end up running in the dark more often.  Make sure to wear reflective gear and carry or wear a light so that you can see and be seen.  Hydration is still important in the winter months, and while an icy cup of water may not sound appealing, your body is still losing water through sweat that needs to be replaced

Now that you are armed with all the tools you need to dress for colder weather, get out there and enjoy the faster times that cooler weather brings! Before you know it the summer heat and humidity will be here, and you’ll find yourself longing for the cold winter days again.

Gift Giving Guide 2016

19 12 2016

The staff members at Fleet Feet Sports are here to help with all of your gift giving needs.  We have in – store gift guides (which also work well to hang on the refrigerator as a hint to those shopping for you).


In-Store Gift Guides for Him and Her


Items on our Staffs’ Wish Lists: Center – Patagonia Fleece Jackets. From top left corner: Craft base layers, Garmin watches, Manduka Yoga Mats, Skratch Labs Nutrition, Nike Reflective Gear, Billy Moore Paintings, Nathan Lights, and Ultimate Direction Water Bottle.

And for the runner in your life that you just can’t decide what to buy, we have gift cards available in any denomination!

Fitnatic Weekend Nov. 25-27

22 11 2016


What’s a “Fitnatic?” It’s anyone who is fanatical about their fitness – whether it’s running, walking, cardio, or yoga. During Fitnatic weekend, November 25-27, Fleet Feet Sports will have great deals on some of your favorite gear like Garmin, Balega socks, and more to celebrate the fitnatics in your lives.  It’s a great chance to stock up on holiday gifts or treat yourself to something on your wish list! Check out some of the deals below!


Purchase the limited edition DARE TO BE tote (pictured above) for $10 and receive 20% off all apparel you can fit in the tote all weekend long!



Why Do Runners Need Yoga?

14 04 2016

Why do runners need yoga as a part of their training plans?

We’ve all heard before that yoga brings “balance” to the body. For a runner, this means much more than being able to stand on one foot. The poses and counterposes performed in a yoga flow contract and stretch the muscles at the same time. This will lengthen chronically shortened muscles and strengthen them on the opposite side. This will balance perceived discrepancies in a runner’s body and may also improve nerve conduction.

How does this benefit a runner?


How would you like a longer resting length of your muscles?

How would you like a longer stride?

How would you like to have less injuries and spend less time being sore?

How would you like faster race times?

You can get this benefit for FREE only at Fleet Feet Memphis.
Join us for our bimonthly yoga for runners class on Sunday evenings.

2016 Pub Runs

3 03 2016


Our 2016 Pub Run Series kicks off on March 15 at The Brass Door.  Join us for a short run, and then cool down after at the pub with your favorite drink.  All runs are FREE and are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Mark your Calendar for these dates and locations:

March 15  The Brass Door
April 12   Celtic Crossing
May 10   Rec Room
June 14   Wiseacre Brewing
July 12   The Brass Door
August 16   Celtic Crossing
September 13   Rec Room
October 11   Wiseacre Brewing


Runner Spotlight: Jay Sole

9 01 2016
Jay Sole is a regular around the shop for our weekly group runs. We caught up with him to learn more about his running journey.
Jay Sole
How long have you been running?
I started running in the mid 70s.  After spending the summer at a Officer Training Camp for the US Marines, my brother came home and invited me to go on a run with him.   I wasn’t a runner, but I said yes, and I about died trying to keep up with him!  That was my turning point.  I started running to keep up with my older brother.
What keeps you motivated?
Keeping up with the Joneses!  Or maybe I should say, the Dave Sorrells!  In 2008 I showed up for a Fleet Feet Fun Run.  Seven years later, I’m still having fun!  I remember early on, trying to keep up with the speedsters and praying for a red light so I could catch my breath!  But that’s how I got better.  Pushing myself while still having fun listening to Ben and Feb talk in paragraphs while I could only manage a grunt here and there.  Running with other runners keeps me motivated to be the best  I can be.
What’s your favorite running or race memory?
So many wonderful memories!  Flying out west with Angi, Zane, and Tim to run the scenic Denver half marathon.  Running a 10 mile race in Houston with my son.  We ran in the morning, he got married that evening!   Oh, and there was the week Ben Knoernschild decided to change things up for Fleet Feet’s speed workout.  He paired us up into teams and we held a spirited relay race with a Fleet Feet gift certificate up for grabs.   Everyone gave their best effort.  I remember Anna throwing up afterwards!  My  partner was Tim, and he ran the last heat so hard that he sprawled out on the football field when he was done,  only to realize he couldn’t stand up!  His legs had locked up on him.  We carried him to Ben’s car and gave him fluids.   And they say football players are tough.  What football players do as punishment, we were out there doing for fun!   I think Rachel won the gift certificate!
Do you have a bucket list race?
One of these days I want to do the Big Sur Marathon.  Do they have a half?   I don’t do full marathons.  If I ever do get around to running a full marathon, Boston would definitly be on the list!
What does a typical training week look like?
It looks like a well oiled machine!   Mondays I do about six miles with the Fleet Feet gang.  Tuesdays is speed work with Paul Sax.  On Wednesdays I rest!  Thursday I run around midtown with my speedie friend, Brittney, for about six miles.   I usually do a solo run of about 5 to 8 miles on either Friday or Saturday, and on Sunday it’s a long run with Scott and Jeanine.   I feel this routine keeps me in race shape throughout the year and I simply tweak it here or there if I have a specific race in mind that I want to peak for.   I don’t have a particular race in mind at the moment, but in the back of my mind I know the familiar races that I run every year that I like to be ready for.
Is there anything else you want to add?
For years I ran on my own.  I can resonate with the phrase “the lonliness of the long distance runner”.   But I would encourage anyone who is not running in a group situation to give it a try.  I have become a better runner, a more informed runner, and a happier runner as a result of the friendships I have made over the years.   So a big thank you to Fleet Feet for enriching my life with friendships, laughter,  and comradery on this running journey of mine!
Thanks for sharing your story, Jay! Do you know someone we should feature? E-mail us at