$50 Rebate on Garmin 310XT

3 10 2011

Tired of driving all over Memphis to check your running route distances?  Frustrated with trying to figure out exactly how far your trail run (or ride) was?  A GPS is what you need!  Through the end of the year, Garmin is offering a $50 rebate on 310XT purchases.   The time window for the rebate is from 10/01/11 through 12/31/11.  For more information, click here.  Pick up a form here at Fleet Feet Sports or download one by clicking here:  Forerunner 310XT Rebate.

The all-in-one multi-sport features of the 310XT and its ability to get wet (yes, you can swim in it!) are the reasons it has become the triathlete’s go-to Garmin, and ultra-distance athletes are excited about its 20 hour battery life.  With a suggested retail price of $350 or $400 for the 310XT bundled with a heart-rate monitor strap, getting 50 bucks back is a nice feature, too!  (And if you’re not a fan of the bezel on other Forerunner models, you’ll like that the 310XT still uses plain old BUTTONS!

For a complete list of specs on this incredible training and racing tool, click here or drop by the store to check it out!


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