Now in Store: Skratch Labs

3 06 2014

Skratch Labs products have made quite the footprint in the cycling world, but they’ve now crossed over into the world of running.


Skratch Labs uses real world science and practice to create top-of-the-line-nutrition products. Products that taste great, that are made from real, all-natural ingredients, and that are designed to optimize performance and health for both sport and life.

Literally starting from scratch, Dr. Allen Lim began making different formulations in his kitchen. After hundreds of recipes, he finally hit on something that all the riders loved. Skratch has everything you need to replace what you lose in sweat and, just as importantly, nothing you don’t. Compared to almost any other sports drink on the market, Skratch has fewer calories, more electrolytes, and nothing but actual fruit for flavor.

We’re also carrying the Feed Zone Cookbook and Feed Zone Portables written by the founders of  Skratch Labs. The cookbooks are filled with simple and healthy recipes that anyone (even kids) can use to create great meals geared for an active lifestyle. It’s a no-nonsense approach to fueling for people on the go using whole and fresh ingredients. The FEED Zone Cookbook is full of yummy and easy-to-make recipes for healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well chapters that cover what to eat during and post workout. FEED Zone Portables is also all about stuff that’s easy to make and yummy, but it is entirely devoted to things to eat while you are exercising.

Stop by and check out some of their products. If you have questions, ask anyone on staff.