Running the St. Jude Memphis Marathon? Don’t wait until the last minute to replace your shoes…

10 10 2017

So much thought, effort, and training goes into marathon training… early morning long runs, what to fuel with, what to eat for your pre-race meal, etc…  You don’t want your shoes to be any different!  Obviously you don’t want to run a marathon in worn out shoes, but you also don’t want to run in brand new shoes either!

If you wait until the last minute to buy your running shoes, you could have several issues.  One, you run the risk not being able to get the shoes you want and need.  We can typically place an order for shoes that we don’t have in stock and get them for you quickly, but if you wait until the week of the marathon, you might be out of luck.  Two, running in brand new shoes is not as bad for your feet as running in old shoes, but you want to get some quality runs on your shoes before the big day… we recommend 50-100 miles, depending on your training volume.  This is to ensure the shoe is compatible with the runners foot and that you’re going to be comfortable going the distance in those kicks on your feet!

The ideal time frame is before the 2nd to last long run.  If you wait until the last long run, you don’t have another run to adjust or try a new pair of shoes if there was a problem. Once your new shoes reach the sweet spot of 50-100 miles, put them back in the box and save them to get you across the finish line 26.2 miles down the road on race day!

All this being said, while we will be glad to help you the first week of December, your feet will thank you if you come see us shortly after Halloween to get those marathon shoes!