Holiday Hints

12 12 2008

This time of year, we often have customers who are not (yet) walkers or runners themselves but who have someone on a gift list who is.  Here is a list of some great suggestions: Read the rest of this entry »

BOB Strollers

7 09 2008

As if running wasn’t difficult enough, some folks feel the need to up the ante.  Not by going further.  Not by going faster.  But, rather, by pushing not only themselves to new levels of fitness, but adding the difficulty of pushing a child (or, gasp, TWO) in a jogging stroller.

After many years of being a one-stroller store, we are now offering another option for such over-achievers.  Welcome to BOB Strollers!

The Sport Utility Stroller D’Lux and it’s companion the Ironman ($369), are the go-to strollers for the serious runner, jogger, and walker.  The stiff shocks and slick road tires make it ideal for the enthusiast who needs a jogging stroller dedicated to his/her fitness routine.

But it’s the BOB Revolution ($389) that’s the stroller that’s creating all the buzz!  Still featuring all of the benefits of the more durable D’Lux and Ironman, the Revolution is geared to also handle some tasks for everyday life.  Its swiveling front wheel makes the Revolution more versatile than the others (able to manuever tight corners at the Zoo or art festival), and its smoother shocks tackle curbs and bumps with ease.

All BOB strollers are made with a tough welded frame, and the seat, canopy, and baskets are durable and washable.  With an easy two-step folding system, the joggers stow in almost any size of trunk, and at about 22 pounds, they are light enough to be easily handled.

We also stock a couple accessories for the BOBs.  The handlebar console ($19) is a must-have that holds two cups and has a zippered easy-access pocket for keys, iPod, phone, etc.  The car seat adapter ($54) fits most 2003 and newer car seats and is perfect for the folks who can’t wait in those early months.

For more information about BOB Strollers, drop by the store or visit BOB here.