Whether you want to finish your first 5k or improve your half marathon time, the weekly training runs at Fleet Feet Sports will help you achieve your fitness goals with structured plans and guidance from a certified, experienced coach!

Our weekly training run schedule is below. There are no fees and no need to sign up – just come to the shop ready to run!  All of the runs leave from and return to the store.

Mondays: 6pm – Easy run

This run has been heading out every Monday night for almost 20 years.  Join us for 3 or more miles through the Belle Meade neighborhood and maybe for a loop around the Galloway Golf course if you’d like to go longer.  Sometimes we’ll have guest appearances from companies that we carry, races that we support, or have a surprise theme (costumes, holiday lights, etc.) for the run.  Follow us on Facebook or twitter to keep tabs on the Monday goings on.

Thursdays: 6pm – Thursday Night Run Club

We call it the Thursday Night Run Club.  How do you join it?  Just show up!

Each week brings a different workout to Thursday nights.  Generally, the workout begins with a 1.5 mile easy run to the track at St. Mary’s (near Perkins and Walnut Grove) that prepares you for the workout to come.  Whether you’re a seasoned trackster or are completely new to running the oval, you’ll have a great time and hopefully get a little quicker!  #TNRC

Saturdays: 7am – Long run

One runner’s mile is another runner’s marathon.  No matter what the term “long run” means to you, you’re welcome to join us Saturday mornings.  Our schedule of distances will be geared toward some of our favorite local races with distances ranging from 5k to marathon.  Saturday mornings are planned for everyone:  if you’re working toward your first 5k or you’re looking to meet a new goal in a half-marathon.

Goal races include:

For more information, e-mail

If it’s dark outside, please wear reflective clothing and bright lights.  We stock these items in the shop if you need to pick something up.

Runs may be cancelled due to inclement weather.  We will post cancellation notifications on Facebook and Twitter.



23 responses

6 07 2012
Bobbie Coffman

We visited Fleet Feet for the first time today and had a great experience. Thanks!

6 07 2012

Thank you so very my for coming in and for giving us the opportunity to work with you! I was out of the store until just now, but I will pass on your compliment to today’s staff.

Take care,

Eric Flanders, Owner

PS – Feel free to share us with your friends!

22 08 2012
James Kelsoe

I have been plagued with foot and shin pain in athletics my whole life. Today I was helped by a nice young lady that put a pair of shoes on my feet that neither hurt my feet nor my shins. This was a first. I didn’t know it was possible. Thank you so much!!!

22 08 2012

Hey James!

Thank you so very much for your feedback. I have already passed on your compliments to that nice young lady (Marcia). Enjoy your new kicks and your now pain free athletics!

Carry on,

25 08 2012

I was in the store Tuesday and Eric helped me. Thank you so much. I have been able to start walking again. Maureen

30 08 2012

First time in your store today. Came in to get my packet for the Chick Fila 5K and ended up leaving with several other things!! Super nice employees and she (sadly I didn’t get her name– short brown hair and white thirst today) was very helpful in regards to the running watches!! Will definitely be back real soon…thanks! I think I found my new gave running store! 🙂

30 08 2012

Hi, Tricia! So glad you had such a great time in our store today! We’ll pass on your kind words to the lady who helped you. Hope to see you back soon.

May you run like the wind,


30 08 2012

Great to hear, Maureen! Keep us posted on your progress.


9 10 2012

Do you help just runners or can you also help a tennis player with ankle tendon and bursa problems find the right shoes and/or insert? Thanks.

15 10 2012
Jeannie Oliver

To All Fleet Feet Staff:

I really enjoyed the half marathon (Greenline) training program! Greenline Half Marathon was great (Oct 14, 2013). I am looking forward to St. Jude in Dec 2012.

Be Blessed,

15 10 2012

We enjoyed having you in our program, Jeannie! Congratulations on a great race. See you soon!

Fleet Feet Team

15 10 2012

Hi, Rob!

We only carry running shoes, but you’re welcome to bring in your tennis shoes, and we can recommend various inserts that we carry. Hope to see you soon!

15 10 2012
Jeannie Oliver

Thanks, Eric!

7 11 2012

Need help finding running shoes? Old friend in Nashville

9 11 2012

Hey Erick!
Check with the Fleet Feet store in Brentwood. They’re good folks there and will get you set. OR – head to Memphis and come visit!

– Eric

25 11 2012
Luke Marlin

Hi there, I would like to talk to someone about shoes maybe Feb?

28 11 2012

Hey Luke! Drop by any time for some shoe talk. You can chat with Feb or any of the friendly folks here.

Is this the Luke that’s friends with Maggi? Good luck this weekend – we’ll be out there with you!

– Eric

11 08 2013
Roger Thompson

Bought my second pair of shoes yesterday. Been running for three months now. Turned 66 last month and have already run 6 or 7 5K”s. Thanks Alisha for helping me with my new trail shoes. You are the best!!!

12 08 2013

Thank you so very much for your message. Alisha is a long-time customer who joined our staff last spring. She has been a great addition around here, and we are happy to have her.
Have fun with your new kicks – we’ll see you ’round the trails soon!
– Eric

24 02 2014
Beth Choat

I recently was in the store. Thank you Tommy for helping me pick the right pair of running shoes!! Eric you have a great staff!

24 02 2014

Hello Beth,
I’ll let Tommy know about your message, and thank you so much for your compliment about my staff. They all work hard and love what they do.
Enjoy your new kicks!
– Eric

8 12 2014
Suzi portch

Would like to know how much is for the training



8 12 2014

They range from $110 to $140 depending on which distance the program is training for.

– Eric

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