Hoka Demo Run

10 09 2015


Who likes FREE shoes? Yep, that’s right! Join us for a Hoka Demo Run, Monday, September 28 at 6pm, test drive a pair of Hoka’s and be entered into a drawing for a FREE pair! We’ll do our usual Monday Night Fun Run route and then meet back at the shop for raffles and giveaways from Hoka. See you there!

September 28


Fleet Feet Sports

4530 Poplar in Laurelwood

Success Story: Kim Permenter

9 09 2015

kim after race

When did you start running/walking?

In November of 2013 I started walking. I was 265lbs and made a decision to change my life. I just recently in the last 6 months started running, though. My number 1 motivation is my son. I do not want him to fall into the same unhealthy lifestyle I fell into and struggle his entire life. I also want him to understand that he can accomplish anything he wants in life– all it takes is determination and the mind set that he IS going to accomplish his goals. My second motivation is myself. I have never taken care of myself or put my health/self first in my life. Since I have put exercising, running and eating healthy first in my life everything else seems to fall into place, I can handle stress better, and am accomplishing career goals as well.

What is your greatest running/walking success?

My greatest success is running a real race, finishing it and having a decent time. Like I said 2 years ago I was inactive and 265lbs. Now I am running races! I would have never thought I would be where I am now!

What’s on your race bucket list?

The next thing on my bucket list is to do a half marathon! Scared but excited!

Do you prefer running in a group or by yourself?

I enjoy both running with groups and alone. When I am running alone I have my music and all I can think about is that particular run. How far can I go today? What is my pace? I think I am dying! Oh wait, that was just the first mile! Ha! This time is me time, I don’t think about work or home or anything else that is going on. This is my time to clear my thoughts and re-energize for the next day’s stresses.

What’s your advice for someone getting started?

My best advice for anyone starting to run is it’s all in your mind. You can do so much more than what you think you can. Do not sell yourself short! Also have a good support system in place–my husband and son have been a great support system. I appreciate both of them so much! The were there all the way cheering me on!

Anything else you want to share about your running journey?

I also want to say that from the time I stepped into Fleet Feet I felt welcomed. Marcia had an excellent training program that pushed me to get to where I am! She made it fun and coached us along when we were struggling. I would recommend that training program to anyone starting out! I learned so much that I didn’t even know I needed to know about running! I also had my first fitting for shoes at Fleet Feet, bought the ones recommended and they have been awesome. Customer service all the way around at Fleet Feet is amazing!

Congratulations on your 5K, Kim, and good luck training for your half marathon!

Keeping Pace

9 09 2015


Runners often ask how to keep the same pace during a race or how to pace themselves to perform at their highest potential. The best advice, in a nutshell, is to start slow and finish fast, or in technical terms, negative splits.

To some this doesn’t make sense. Why not go out at a sprint and give it your all, gaining distance on your competition? Keep reading, and we’ll explain.

What are negative splits?

Negative splits mean that your pace gets quicker throughout a race or run. For instance if your first mile is 10 minutes, your second mile 9:30, and your third mile 9:00, you’ve successfully run negative splits. It doesn’t matter your experience level or speed, everyone can run negative splits.

What’s the benefit?

Have you ever gone out full blast at a race and halfway through, you feel like you’re barely trying to hang on? By starting out more conservatively and gradually quickening the pace throughout the race, you can conserve some energy and finish strong and faster than you began, rather than slower and more tired than you should be.

How to do it

First, you want to practice this method in your training. Try to run negative splits in your training runs to get in the mentality of starting slower and finishing faster. You also want to be able to accurately predict your race pace and finish time so that you have a baseline of what pace you should run at the beginning of the race. Sites like McMillan Running give you an estimate race pace predictor based on a training run or other recent race.

Beginning of the race: Start the race about 20-30 seconds slower than the race predictor gives you. For instance, if McMillan says you should be able to run a 5k at a 9:00 pace, start the race at 9:30.

During the middle of the race, say mile 2 of a 5k or mile 8-10 of a half marathon, pick up the pace and run your estimate race pace.

For the last portion of the race, give it everything you have left, running below your estimated race pace and finishing faster than you began.

A successful race isn’t just about completing the distance but completing it feeling strong and energized. Running negative splits and being aware of your effort level throughout a race will help you conserve your energy and run smarter and hopefully faster.


Cross Country is tough. If it was easy, they’d call it football.

4 09 2015

15722_fullIt’s our favorite time of year – Cross Country season!  Shelby Farms, Audubon Park, Johnson Park, and many others around the area are full of middle schooler, high schooler, and collegiate runners trotting across fields, scampering uphill, and thundering downhill.  In many cases, their coaches are running alongside them and some parents take an opportunity to get a few miles in as well.

This Saturday night is the Memphis Brooks Twilight Classic.  A cross country meet that we’ve been happy to be involved with since it began over 10 years ago.  What started out with a few hundred kids has grown, and spectators at this year’s meet will see over 3000 kids competing!

If you’re needing some inspiration this is a must-see.  Would you like to get your kids into running?  This is the perfect setting to get pumped about cross country.  There’s no other meet like it on the planet (as far as we know), and it’s well worth the $5 parking fee.  This is the most exciting single night of sports in Memphis!

For a great preview of this years meet, check out what Coach Ted had to say on Tennessee Runner MileSplit.

And errrbody knows who Flotrack is – here’s the highlight reel from last year’s meet.

If you’re heading to Mike Rose to run the meet and need some go fast shoes, we’ve got ’em!  Here are a few that we stock.


m nike victory xc3

Men’s Nike Victory XC3 – $120

Men's Nike Rival XC - $65

Men’s Nike Rival XC – $65

Men's Saucony Carrera XC - $110

Men’s Saucony Carrera XC – $110

Men's Saucony Shay XC4 - $80

Men’s Saucony Shay XC4 – $80

Men's Saucony Kilkenny XC5 - $60

Men’s Saucony Kilkenny XC5 – $60

Men's Brooks Mach17 - $100

Men’s Brooks Mach17 – $100


Women's Nike Rival XC - $65

Women’s Nike Rival XC – $65

Women's Saucony Shay XC4 - $80

Women’s Saucony Shay XC4 – $80

Women's Saucony Kilkenny XC5 - $60

Women’s Saucony Kilkenny XC5 – $60

Women's Brooks Mach 17 - $100

Women’s Brooks Mach 17 – $100

We also may have some of last year’s models in stock, and they’re all $10 off of their original price.

Mention that you run for a local cross country school team, and you’ll receive 10% off of your purchase.  This can’t be combined with sale prices and cannot be extended to family members who aren’t on the team (sorry parents).

We hope to see you running or watching Twilight with us tomorrow!

May you run like the wind,


Runner Spotlight: Christian Lemon

5 08 2015


– When did you start running? I’ve always ran some, but never anything really focused until after college. My father was a runner, so he would drag me along when I was in junior high and high school to get in shape for soccer. I hated it.

 – What keeps you motivated? A lot of my motivations are somewhat fleeting depending on where I am at that moment in my life. However, one thing that constantly motivates me is my belief that a healthy body is a gift from God. I’ve been blessed with good health to this point in my life. I feel guilty wasting that gift. So, I like running, yoga, and generally being active. Plus, I’m kind of ADD, so after sitting at a desk most of the day, I’m usually ready to break a sweat.  

 – What’s your biggest running accomplishment? Running 36:30 for a 10k. The course was true (I checked it about 8 times!)

– Are you currently training for something? What’s your goal? Honestly, right now I am not training for anything specific. There are a few marathons in late fall that I’ve got my eye on. Also, I’m thinking about doing a trail ultra. I’ve never gone further than a marathon. However, nothing confirmed.

– What’s on your race bucket list? I would love to do a trail race in Colorado someday. The NYC Marathon is also up there.

– Do you listen to music when you run? If so, what kind of music? Yes, the mix is really anything and everything from Classic Rock, Hip Hop, alternative. However, my biggest guilty running pleasure is definitely Katy Perry.

– Do you prefer running in a group or solo? Both. Running is an individual sport, so I love running by myself, especially on the trails. It really gives me a chance to re-center, collect my thoughts, and just be free for a bit. However, the camaraderie of group running is like nothing else. Running with others keeps you honest. There have been many a Thursday Track workout or Saturday morning long run, that had I done by myself, would not have been completed. I’ve become such a better runner since I began consistently with a group. I love getting to share in other’s successes. 

– What does your current training plan look like? Right now, I’m just trying to get through the summer running around 40 miles a week. Should I target a race in late fall, I want to have at least a small base from which to begin training. I also like to keep at least a little running fitness; however, the Memphis humidity can wear on me, so I usually tailor down the training a bit in the summer and pick it back up after Labor Day.

– What’s your favorite post-race meal or treat? Beer if it is hot outside, Coffee if it is cold outside. On the very rare, occasion, a maple-bacon donut from Gibson’s.

Know someone we should feature? E-mail lovetorun@fleetfeetmemphis.com

RiverFIT Walk

4 08 2015

Come down to the river for a RiverFIT Walk August 16 from 8-9am!


We’ll do an easy walk through Tom Lee Park and check out the new RiverFIT.

Visit the RiverFIT website for more information.

August 15


Tom Lee Park

Kroger Fun Run

4 08 2015

Join us Sunday, August 16 for a 3-mile Fun Run from the revamped Kroger in Germantown! Kroger will have goodies to celebrate its grand opening, and we’ll go for an easy 3 through beautiful Germantown. Hope to see you there!


August 16



7735 Farmington

Germantown, TN


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